Who we are, what we do‌
Connecting business and blockchain technology requires a blockchain platform of a new generation. We at QANplatform are building a quantum-proof, energy efficient and fast platform, that relies on a new protocol: the Proof-of- Randomness (PoR).‌
Where you can develop smart contracts in major programming languages. Our framework provides, first in the world, a fully quantum-resistant stack of security.‌
Many believe that breakthrough comes when industries and mainstream economies will start using blockchain extensively. Industry and businesses will adopt concepts only when both security and transaction speed meet their requirements. In the near future, their existing business processes become more secure, faster and more efficient - with the new means of a new blockchain, that adequately rewards participating players. As of 2019, over 95% of smart contracts is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain - a platform that is slow and fails in many cases. A new blockchain platform is needed if businesses want to fully realize the efficiency and systemic savings offered by blockchain. Worldwide and mainstream adoption is yet to happen. Players of the transactions - node owners and smart contract developers - must be adequately paid for their efforts.‌


QANplatform is a 5G-friendly blockchain platform that bypasses the limits of Ethereum in a number of ways:‌
  • quantum-proof by design
  • environment-friendly, thanks to its low energy consumption
  • allows developers to write smart contracts in virtually any language* they have already mastered
  • provides the speed required for nearly any industry process or financial transaction
  • available for anyone, cost-effective, in some cases planned to be free
  • built to benefit from 5G technology from ground up
  • where developers and all participants are financially motivated in sustaining the platform
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